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Consult your Volvo workshop. If the parking heater does not start despite re- peated attempts, a message is shown on the dis- play. Contact your closest Volvo dealer to check if you are unsure. It is necessary to turn the light switch Before trips to certain countries, your Volvo automatic.

See next page for more information! Therefore, always ask your passengers to use seat belts! The curtain also protects against objects that the car is in collision with. Page Telephone Call options cont.

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The centre portion must be folded to fold the Make sure the backrest locks into place right-hand portion. If cracks, irregularities or other damage appears, turn off the compressor immediately. Parking Assistance Use this button to switch the positions. Deactivate the alarm by unlocking with the remote control.

Switches In The Centre Console See R version requires that system deactivation - m page for further informa- reactivation be repeated three times in order to tion. Avoid accelera- low fuel consumption and contributes to a ting and braking too hard. The fuses are located inside the access panel on the end face of the dashboard. Bass is normalised turning it left or right.

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Unitary construc- improve fuel economy. Always consult your Volvo dealer as to which wheel and tyre type is appropriate for your car. Always use coolant with anti-corrosion agent as recommended by Volvo. Remember that national traffic regulations may further limit trailer weight and speed.

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You can store names and A list of missed calls is shown here. The sunroof will move towards maximum opening position as long as the switch is held in this position. Use an adapter cable approved by Volvo. Apply the mountain driving, etc.


Cleaning The Upholstery A special cleaning agent available at your Volvo dealer is recommended when cleaning leather upholstery. Rustproofing Improvement If you want to repair the rustproofing yourself, make sure the area is clean Your Volvo received a very thorough and complete rustproofing at the and dry. Entrust this work to an authorised Volvo workshop. Page D, mutualism pdf move the gear selector left gear selector instead of the W button.

Winter Tyres Always use winter tyres on all four wheels! Front storage compartment compartment cover back.

Polish and wax the car when you feel the paintwork is matte and when you wish to give the paintwork extra protection, such as before winter. Be sure to replace a blown fuse with a new one of the same colour and amperage. The parking brake operates on the rear wheels. Weights may vary depending on the engine variant.

Turn the locking wheel down fully until it unlocked position. Use a rustproofing factory.

Fuel consumption is calculated every second. Page Adjusting the headlamp beam pattern j A. Electrical System See the decal on the battery. Let your Volvo dealer assist you.

Storage Wheels should be stored horizontally or suspended, not vertically. Check that the switch there. Set the bass by pressing out the knob and Adjust balance by pressing the knob and turning it to the left or right. Cup holder option Some models are equipped with cup holders for the front and rear seat occupants.

Your Volvo workshop can adjust the temperature. Contact an authorised Volvo workshop for the exact information.

These can damage Oil grade the engine. It is important that the battery is handled in an environmentally friendly way. Hose down, wash and dry the car thoroughly.

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If you select Volvo equipment, you belt buckle to open. Symbol and message text are shown until the fault has been rectified. Indicator And Warning Symbols Indicator and warning symbols Warning symbol centre of dashboard This symbol shines as an yellow or red light depending on the severity of the fault discov- ered. Drive to a Volvo workshop to how hard.

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Viscosity If the system is topped up with a different oil, contact the nearest Volvo workshop for servicing. Engine Oil Always use oil of the recommended grade page for volumes. Read messages are then erased from the display and are put into the memory. An appropriate time setting for your car can be performed at an authorised Volvo workshop. Contact your Volvo dealer for information on accessories that can be placed between the outer portions of the backrest and seat cushion.

Trip Computer Trip computer Speed in miles per hour Current speed is displayed in mph. The towbar may be certified for higher tow weights than the car should tow. Spare Wheel Tyres with the greatest tread depth should always - irrespective of rear or front wheel drive - be fitted at the rear. In this way incoming air is cooled and climates is achieved by moderately dehumidified.

If the transmission is topped up with a different fluid, contact an authorised Volvo workshop for servicing. Page Never use oil additives. If the same fuse burns out repeatedly, there is a fault in the component, and you should visit your Volvo workshop to have it checked. The following are the highest trailer weights permitted by the Volvo Car Corporation.

Press the switch gently downwards or pull it gently upwards. To use the cup and lift out. Any work should only be performed by an authorised Volvo workshop. We reserve the right to make modifications without prior notice. Each cell has its own maximum level mark.