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Fast transitions couple through C, providing added current gain through Q for fast voltage swings at the output of the amplifier. Direct coupling of the Z-Axis Amplifier output to the crt control grid is not employed due to the high potential differences involved.

Tektronix 2225 Manual

Adjust X l l X l O Balance a. Pull the cap with the attached fuse inside out of the fuse holder.

Visual Check The following procedure is arranged in an order that enables checking simple trouble possibilities before requiring more extensive troubleshooting. Near each circuit board illustration is an alphanumeric listing of all components mounted on that board. Adjust the front-panel produce a well-defined dot. Adjust variable resistors. There is enough on this planet to sustain mans needs.

The protective-ground connector in the plug connects through the protective-ground conductor to the accessible metal parts of the instrument. Set the low-frequency sine-wave generator output to produce a Hz, one-division display.

When soldering on circuit boards or small insulated wires, use only a watt, pencil-type soldering iron. If values exceed the emitter-to-base values given, either the junction is reverse biased or the device is defective. Capacitors C and C damp the high-frequency gain of the preamplifier.

Replace damaged or missing items, frayed cables, and defective parts. Capacitors Damaged or leaking cases. Adjust Attenuator Compensation a. Block diagram of the Sweep Generator and Logic circuit. Repair or replace defective wires or cables.

High dc potentials on these elements prohibit direct coupling to the crt. Equivalent products may be substituted for those given, provided their characteristics are similar. See Figure in the Diagrams section for leadconfiguration illustrations. An appropriate time to accomplish preventive maintenance is just before instrument adjustment. This stops the trace from being deflected off-screen horizontally.

Tektronix Manual 2225 SM

The base voltages of Q and Q are then the same, and equal current is supplied to both sides of the amplifier so that no offset of the trace occurs. The detachable power cord may need to be replaced to match the particular power source. The last subsection, Operators Checks and Adjustments, provides simple checks and adjustments to be made on a routine basis by the user. The various manufacturers can be identified by referring to the Cross Index-Manufacturer's Code number to Manufacturer at the beginning of the Replaceable Electrical Parts list.

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One transistor in each side of the output differential amplifier pairs of U has its base bias set to zero volts. When checking these ranges, position the markers on the second and tenth vertical graticule lines. Refer to Figure in the foldout pages for the location of all controls mentioned. Seal the carton with shipping tape or with an industrial stapler.

If the trouble is not located by these checks, the remaining steps will aid in locating the defective component. Detachable Power Cord Receptacle-Provides the connection point for the ac-power source to the instrument. The cathode and anode ends of a metal-encased diode may be identified by the diode symbol marked on its body.

Vertical compensation and triggering checks. These are maintenance free. Two-lead components that are soldered in place are most accurately checked by first disconnecting one end from the circuit board.

Ensured that there is adequate ventilation around the instrument. Horizontal checks and adjustments. Graticule measurement markings. Attenuator trimmer adjustments.

If necessary, adjust the probe compensation for a flattopped square-wave display see Probe instruction manual. This can often be done very reasonably in consideration for adding your manual to our library. Copyrights have been released for the manuals for discontinued equipment, but their may be copyrights on the scan.

Reinstall the fuse and cap in the fuse holder by pressing in and giving a slight clockwise rotation of the cap. It produces the ramp voltage by maintaining a constant current through timing capacitors, causing a linear voltage rise across them as they charge. Check Circuit Board Interconnections.

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Circuit board removal procedures are included in the corrective maintenance part of this section. Special Parts In addition to the standard electronic components, some special parts are used in the instrument. Clean solder corrosion with an eraser and flush with isopropyl alcohol.

Before purchasing or ordering a part from a source other than Tektronix, Inc. Most electrical and mechanical parts can be obtained through your local Tektronix Field Office or representative. For most diodes marked with a series of stripes, the color combination of the stripes identifies three digits of the Tektronix Part Number, bobol password pdf using the resistor color-code system.

Adjust External Trigger Offset and Range a. The sweep is held at a constant low output level when in X-Y mode. Readjustment of the affected circuitry may be necessary. Initially, both C and C charge up to a level determined by the difference between the Z-Axis output voltage and the crt cathode voltage.

Disconnect the instrument from the ac-power source before removing or installing components. Interior To gain access to internal portions of the instrument for inspection and cleaning, refer to the Removal and Replacement Instructions in the Corrective Maintenance part of this section. This in turn biases Q off and disables the X-Y Amplifier. If more charge is added to that already present on C, the control grid becomes more negative, and less crt writing-beam current flows.

Tektronix 2225 service manual pdf

Tektronix Manual 2225 SM