Tagging Pdfs For Accessibility

The first image in the file will be highlighted, and a dialog box will appear with a space to enter the alternative text. Create elements, change the types of elements, or rearrange existing elements by dragging them.

Web Standards and Guidelines - County of Sonoma CaliforniaWorkflow for creating accessible PDFs

The tab order for form fields enables people with disabilities to use a keyboard to move from field to field in a logical order. Then, it builds a tag tree that reflects that information. It is a helpful way to ensure that you don't miss any steps while making your document accessible, like providing a page title or document language.

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WebAIM PDF Accessibility - Defining PDF Accessibility

To add bookmarks to the document, select Bookmarks on the Accessibility Checker panel, and choose Fix from the Options menu. The logical structure tree reflects an accurate reading order and appropriate levels of tags. Use the order panel to correct the document's reading order before checking the tags. If the rule check fails, make sure that the page does not require timed responses.

Save your work after you complete each page so you can never lose more than a page of work if you make a mistake. The results are displayed in the Accessibility Checker panel on the left, which also has helpful links and hints for repairing issues. When the Accessibility tools appear, click the Add button.

Creating accessible PDFs

For example, you may need to split merged lines of fields into individual fields. Therefore, don't apply alternate text to nested elements. Write descriptions that are terse but complete. Unless the document is very simple, however, the automated reading order and tag structure alone is unlikely to produce satisfactory results.

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Tagging these pages by using the Add Tags To Document command can result in improperly combined elements or out-of-sequence tags. This tagging can more readily interpret the structure of complex layouts, such as embedded sidebars, closely spaced columns, irregular text alignment, notes of e commerce pdf and tables. Use this report as a guide to repair tagging problems. Click it to open a group of accessibility tools.

For more information, see Check accessibility with Full Check and Check and correct reading order. For information on setting the tab order to use document structure, see Set form field navigation. Using this page can be confusing. They look right and print well, and that is good enough.

In the Reading Order dialog box, click Table. There is simply no substitute for reading the manual. If the Screen Reader Option in the Reading preferences is not set to read the entire document, then screen readers never read the alternate text. For more information, see the documentation for your authoring application. Click and drag to select a group of the column or row headers.

Creating accessible PDFs

Tables with more than one level of row or column headers, or with cells that span multiple rows or columns, may need extensive work to ensure they are presented correctly to screen readers. This is especially true if the document contains tables or lists assuming Acrobat creates the correct tag structure. Adding descriptions to form fields enables screen readers to identify the fields to users. To run the checker, select Full Check from the Accessibility tools pane. You can also access the Structure Elements dialog box by clicking the Options menu on the Bookmark tab and selecting the New Bookmarks From Structure command.

Make sure that images in the document either have alternate text or are marked as artifacts. For more information, see Reading Order tool overview. When you create a field, type a description in the Tooltip box in the Properties dialog box for that field. You will need to review the generated tags and usually do some repairs, but that is almost always easier than creating the entire tag structure manually. As needed, add fillable form fields and descriptions, and set the tab order.

If you select the image and adjacent text then the image will be tagged as a figure and the text will be tagged as its caption. Screen readers read tags in sequence down the tree, and possibly do not reach the tags for an inserted page until the end of the tree. Select the files that you want to apply the Make Accessible action to. Like the Order pane, either click-and drag or with the mouse or cut and paste with the keyboard to change the order.

It looks for common elements that need further action, such as scanned text, form fields, tables, and images. Then, select Create Artifact from the context menu. To add this tool, go to the Tools tab and find add Enhance Scans. To set the language automatically, select Primary Language in the Accessibility Checker tab, and then choose Fix from the Options menu. Instead, skip over these images by pressing the right arrow button to skip to the next image.


With reading order, the characters on the page are understood to have a linear sequence of appearance quite apart from z-order. Choose a language from the Language drop-down list. Rule was not checked because it wasn't selected in the Accessibility Checker Options dialog box.

Web Standards and Guidelines - County of Sonoma California

It is natural to assume that the Reading Order tool is the place to fix this, but it is actually much more complicated than that. The Accessibility Checker options will come up next.

WebAIM PDF Accessibility - Defining PDF Accessibility

With the Reading Order tool open, select a table and then select Table Inspector. Add fillable form fields and descriptions, and set the tab order. Verify that the necessary fonts are installed on your system.

Accessibility Checker rules statuses. Acrobat and Accessibility.

These stages are presented in an order that suits most needs. Choose the Make Accessible option, then Start. To be accessible, tables must contain the same number of columns in each row, and rows in each column. Displays a report with links to tips on how to repair failed checks. Whenever possible, think about accessibility when you create the source files in an authoring application, such as a word-processing or page-layout application.

Alternative text When an image is tagged as a figure, the alternative text will appear in a black box in the upper-left corner of the image. Set the language for all text in a subtree of the tags tree. Specify any other options as appropriate, and then click Create. Acrobat either fixes the item automatically, or displays a dialog box prompting you to fix the item manually. This exercise enables you to emulate the end-user experience of readers who use a braille printer to read the document.

Right click on each item and choose Explain to see in detail what the issue entails and how to correct them. Then, choose Fix from the Options menu. First, click on the Selection Tool. Section also requires that Federal contractors submit accessible documentation as part of their contract specifications, and many states are also beginning to implement this mandate. Use graphics tools to draw lines and boxes.