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Partial object replication A replica object is partially synchronized with its replicated object. The license daemon needs to be started after the system is restarted. Defining Identity Constraints Defining identity constraints Defining identity constraints Identity constraints enable you to indicate that element values must be unique within their specified scope. Also, the Configuration option allows you to automatically generate and update entries in the interfaces file, for each server selected in the list.


Operation Manual Names of Parts. Operation manual Identification of engine parts. If there is no free page available, a new extent is allocated. With an include, bscs billing system pdf you can use schema components from any schema with the same target namespace as the current schema or with no specified target namespace. Property Description Type Type of the group particle.

Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Defining model properties The model property sheet displays the definition of the current model.

You can modify the level of problem severity for each object parameter verified by the Check model. The Selection window appears.


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Click the Ellipsis button, beside the Select model dropdown listbox, and select a model model available in the workspace in the Select a model dialog box. It works with any master agent that implements the Agent X protocol.

The asiqdemo data source holds a set of connection parameters, including the database file and a Start parameter to start the sample database. Select the new model option. You are asked to answer a few questions and provide registration information.

In the General page, select a model type in the Model Type dropdown listbox. Required when the attribute group is global Code Code of the attribute group.

Click the Attribute radio button, if you want to create columns as attributes. However, you can start servers using other port numbers by providing more information in the CommLinks parameter. Use the Browse tool to select a global element from any model opened in the current workspace. The above example finds any server started using the default port number.

Undefined schema location You must define a schema location for an include. Click the Import an Extended Model Definition button.

Defining complex type properties To display a complex type property sheet, double-click its symbol in a diagram. Select the Complex Type tool in the palette. Click the Select a Path button, beside the Directory box, to select a path for the annotated schema file. If there is not enough room on the data page for the new row, a page split must be performed. When connecting to the server with isql, it goes to the file sql.

SYBASE ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Operation ManualSybase-DBA-User-Guide-for-Beginners

Indexes do not need to be modified when rows are forwarded. Click the Add Rules tool to display the list of business rules. You can also specify these parameters in a data source, as described later in this chapter. Defining a group of elements A group of elements is a set of elements arranged by a group particle all, choice or sequence.

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Tool Description Adds a mapping between the current element and an existing data source. Adding feature licenses This section describes how to update the license file to enable Adaptive Server features. Click the group symbol in the diagram. The software described herein is furnished under a license agreement, and it may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of that agreement. If more than one database is started on a server, for example, you should specify the database name.

The result is also displayed in the Reverse page of the Output window, located in the bottom part of the main window. Remember me Forgot password?

The group particle symbol appears selected, with an Expand tab on its right side. The restriction property sheet appears. This chapter has many examples of connection strings, represented in the.


To create a personalized view of the Sybase Web site including support pages Set up a MySybase profile. This publication pertains to Sybase software and to any subsequent release until otherwise indicated in new editions or technical notes. Server Discovery text file You can use its Configuration menu item to automatically update the Sybase interfaces file for those servers that you have highlighted in the window. This manual serves as a textbook for beginning users of the database management system.