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It creates all sheets at once, the naming is perfect, it is extremely easy to use. You can use up to three levels to sort the sheets. Please type your message and try again. Perfect for my purpose, defenetly worth the money. In the description of the problem Autodesk's article specifically points to model complexity as a major factor in the symptoms occurring or being alleviated.

Easy set output directory and output file name. All the evidence so far points to Revit generating very complex and copious calls to the PostScript driver. It is in either the creation of the PostScript or in the Distiller. Is there any solution yet for this problem?

Solved how to save a Revit drawing to pdf - Autodesk Community

Autodesk apparently knows about the problem based on what appears on Autodesk's Revit forums and when it occurred! Please visit webpage Bimrvt. Add to Wishlist Create a new wishlist. The only one with raster or vector print setting for multiple printing. Estuve buscando por mucho tiempo, el tiempo que te ahorra a largo plazo es inmenso.

You and your equivalents at Autodesk are masters of passing the buck. Select the checkboxes for the sheets you want to publish in the Select the Sheets to Publish section of the dialog box. You can not post a blank message.

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More information about price and how to buy. You can simply set the output directory and output file name. This app uses a custom installer and not the standard App Store installer.


May this suggest that a memory limit in the printjob handeling is set too small? Their driver sits between Revit and Acrobat. For complex models, the output is just that much more in size and complexity. You have done a very thorough job of making my point about passing the buck. It is strictly a matter of Autodesk making the fix a priority on their side.

For more information on the available publishing settings, please see the Publish Settings dialog box. It really one of the best tool to have. So please just go ahead and blame it on Autodesk. It saves us a lot of time and difficult moments when we need a pdf set.

Thank you for you quick response to my desperate e-mail. Autodesk acknowledges the problem. This is simply not good enough, not even form a freeware program standard, at least a time out warning or failure popup should show?

The size of the file you are about to download is more than M. That is where the bottleneck is. Having used Revit n multiple versions for close to five years, I can confidently tell your that there are plenty of unfixed issues to complain about, but printing has never been one of them. Everything is generated automatically. If it does not automatically appear at the far right of the grid, right click on any column header and select it from the list of available parameters.

Solved how to save a Revit drawing to pdf - Autodesk Community

View the wishlist Continue exploring. Maybe you and other Revit customers can convince Autodesk to reach out to us? It should be within Revit by default!

The variable is changes in Revit. And in fact, based on user reports, the problems appeared to occur with the version of Revit. We installed all updates for Revit and Acrobat. For more information on sorting, memento technique de l eau pdf please refer to Sorting Sheets for Publication.

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