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This indicator light on the in- you choose. This will activate the kickdown func- tion allowing you to change down to the most suitable gear. Insert the headrest rods into the holes tilt the seatback backwards if neces- sary.

Dealer as soon as possible. To change them contact an approved Dealer.

To replace the seatback, proceed in To replace the seat base, proceed in the reverse order to removal. Demisting automatically stops Demisting by default. Page One wheel A disappears, indicating that the sensor on this wheel is missing or faulty e. Pull block A slightly to the right to clip it on pin E, press, and check that it locks properly.

Direction indicator lights Turn bulb holder C a quarter of a turn and take out the bulb. The system, which has a thermostat, decides whether or not the heating is needed. This switch activates all four direction indicators and the side mounted indica- tors simultaneously. Pull the headrest upwards to the de- sired height.


Operating faults there is a risk of damage or of As a general rule, contact your ap- Fuel consumption fire. Undo the bolts and take off the wheel. Short circuit or cooling circuit leak. This is an additional function to the vised, even for a short while.

Levels Booklet for your vehicle. The engine may be hot when carrying out opera- tions in close proximity. At the end of this initial inflation opera- Please be aware that a tion, air will still escape from the tyre. If you fail to follow this recommendation, you risk damaging your vehicle.

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Topping up After any operation on the hydraulic cir- cuit, platon fedro pdf a specialist must replace the brake fluid. Turn it a few times to lift the wheel off the ground. This is not necessarily a fault. Connect another battery to the faulty bat- fail to light up and the starter does not tery. Use the emergency key refer to the in- unlock the doors.

Remember to refit the cap securely as there is a risk of fire if oil splashes onto hot engine components. Heating and air conditioning. It is therefore important when handling the remote control to ensure Replacement and additional keys that you do not lock or unlock the ve- or remote controls. Switching air conditioning on or off The air conditioning is switched on in- dicator light illuminated or off indicator light extinguished using button F.

Free the blades before using the wipers. Fuel Tank filling With Fuel For details on filling the fuel tank, refer cap is of the same type. Consult an approved Dealer. Operating principle The system is for detecting an emer- gency braking situation.

Nothing should be placed on the floor area in front of the driver as such objects may slide under the pedal during braking manoeuvres, thus obstructing its use. Examples of information messages are given in the following pages. The air flow is only directed to the footwells. It is not advisable to touch the electrical circuit in the key cover when Replacing the battery replacing the battery. It is available in hatchback body style and starting from early also as an estate.

Consult an approved dealer. The speed specified by current legis- lation for towing must always be ob- served. Page Starting conditions are not fulfilled. To reset them for ing at night, to avoid being dazzled by driving, return to position C, D or E.

However, the function does not take the place of the driver. In addition, the engine cooling fan can come on at any moment. Clean your windscreen and your rear screen regularly. The display shows N neutral and A The display on the instrument panel automatic mode.

Lower it until it locks to use it in the bottom position. After use, re- place it without pushing it all the way in. Under harsh operating conditions the needle may approach this zone. Examples of warning messages are given in the following pages. For safety reasons, carry out any adjustments when the vehicle is not being driven.

Renault Clio Handbook pages. Also See for Clio Workshop repair manual - pages Driver's handbook manual - pages Handbook - pages. Driving This handbook may also contain information about items of equipment to be introduced later in the model year.

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Do not use it for getting into or out of the vehicle. Electric Sunroof When parking in direct sunlight, we advise you to pull down the sun blinds.

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The red warning light on the instrument panel will light up if you are driving with an incorrectly released handbrake. Sometimes due server overload owners manual could not be loaded. For vehicles fitted with manual air conditioning, switch off the system when it is not required. When driv- door mirrors fold in. It is therefore recommended to e.

Renault Workshop Manuals PDF free download


The warning light built into the switch remains lit constantly. Engine Identification Plates enGine identification plates please quote the information on the engine plate or label A in all corre- spondence or orders.