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Although the art looks faded, street art in Penang is relatively new! The cats did have a chance at fighting back against such aggression as seen in the street art mural along Lebuh Victoria which shows a muscular cat kicking a Minion. Are you a Street Art fan and have you been to Penang? You might have to go have a coffee to wait for the shadow to move away such hardship!

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One of the first murals to appear in Penang, trishaws used to be a popular mode of transport in Penang. On the day we arrived in George Town, the capital of the Malaysian island on Penang, samantha young pe strada dublin pdf our homestay handed us a map of the area.

Here is a selection of some we enjoyed. Cow and Fish by Reggie Lee shows a cow running from a slaughterhouse and a woman chasing after a cat stealing her fish.

This similarly applies to other street art murals around Penang. As you walk along Gat Lebuh Armenian, it is on your right. The murals are fading, due to the aging effects of the weather.

Our well used map detailing the Street Art and steel-rod caricatures. There are plenty of places to stay, excellent things to eat from a variety of global cuisines, and plenty to do in addition to hunting street art.

You can also buy t-shirts and other merchandise of your favourite painting in many shops around the area. How can you best share the story of this art? Choose one of the following to unlock Secret Prices and pay less on selected hotels. It is also known as the Kungfu Girl as the girl looked as if she is performing kungfu.

High Counter by Tang Mun Kian. Look out as you walk towards the wall to pose with the cat as there is a huge drain there!

First Time in Georgetown Here is the Best of Everything

This is a collection of caricatures relating the history and special characteristics of Georgetown streets. Music of Hope Best Of Stories.

Do note that these two street art paintings are in small alleyways off Gat Lebuh Chulia. After seeing more and more of these street art places I am ready to go on a trip and explore. We didn't know about the steel-rod caricatures either but I'm so glad we found them.

Georgetown Map

Looking for a cheap flight? Don't forget to confirm your subscription in order to get reply notifications. The street art in Penang is incredible. There are street art tours, and a handy map from Visit Penang pdf here. Best Hotels in Georgetown.

Your email address will not be published. It's good to have a map, even if you decide not to visit them all and focus on your favourites.

As much as I like to wing it with exploring cities, I think I'd need that map so I don't miss any of these. Happy Travelling Feet Fans! This map featured not just the infamous street art, but the locations of the wrought iron sculptures which are dotted all over town. Or include the shadows - they might be interesting!

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

Enter your stay dates to see prices and availability. There are myriad ways to get around Penang, including taxi, bus, trishaw, bike, and walking.

For example, the piece called Three Generations which is found on Kimberley Street, a street famous for its hawker food, reminds you that some stalls have been there for three generations. As one of the street art capitals of the world, Penang is a must visit for street art lovers and travelers interested in quirky, interesting things to see. Click here for more photographs of Malaysia. We are proud to host the FollowMeFriday blog Linkup. These photos by no means represent all there is to see and the map references below will help you locate these artworks and more.

Can't wait to visit Georgetown for all these great street murals and wrought iron. Close up example of the caricatures.

In contrast to the older murals, these paintings are crisp and new with bright colours. Some are on the corner of a street and others stretch across multiple arches or walls. It's so interesting to hear the reasons and history behind them - and I didn't know that about Jimmy Choo! If so, include context around it.

Instead, here are a few useful links that will help you. Usually there would be some annoying car parked at this strategic photography spot so you just have to get creative e.

Georgetown MapPenang Street Art - FeetDoTravel

Love that you guys went and ticked them off on the map too! And I had no idea Jimmy Choo was from Penang! This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Great idea to have a pdf of places where to find the art in Penang.

Zhiqiang & Tingyi

Can consider taking a taxi there but do note that there will likely be traffic jam during peak period. Most Booked Hotels Rating From. Where to Stay in Georgetown. Only when the shop is closed and shutters shut, you will be able to see the full street art mural in action. However, if you are planning to travel it's a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises.

You can also book your tickets in advance online as we did to save time and hassle. His work now adorns walls around the globe and is one of the most famous street artists today. It really is so interesting to hear the history for the area, we loved it, I also didn't know that about Jimmy Choo! If we weren't convinced before we definitely are now.