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Frisch Stefan Menger Ronnel C. The decaying echo train reflects the dephasing that follows polarization. The bottom section in Fig. The functional form for the weight function makes sense in the limits of small and large pores.

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So, rather than placing the subject at the center of the instrument, the instrument itself is placed, in a wellbore, at the center of the formation to be analyzed. In general, though, the area under the curve this area represents the porosity and the general location in time of the highporosity bins are robust. The spinning proton represents a current loop that generates a magnetic field or magnetic moment with two poles north and south aligned with the spin axis.

The high degree to which this field gradient has been characterized has made diffusion applications for hydrocarbon typing possible. Complete descriptions of these models and their applications are discussed in this chapter. At stationary or slow logging conditions, these magnets offer no advantage, but at normal- or high-logging speeds, they effectively halve the time needed for complete polarization, iso 3098-1 pdf as shown in Fig. This effect is particularly important when a sensitive zone of the logging tool is at irreducible water saturation.

If the rock is water-wet, two major effects must be considered. The fast diffusion limit essentially says that pores are small enough and surface relaxation mechanisms slow enough that a typical molecule crosses the pore many times before it relaxes. Consequently, there is no surface relaxation term. As with the conventional porosity tools, resistivity tools are very sensitive to the borehole and mudcake, and their sensitive volumes are poorly defined.

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Nmr principles and applications pdf


For brines, medium-viscosity oils, and heavy oils, Dgas is much greater than Dw, and the Dw is much greater than Doil. Over the interval depicted, the log shows a clean sandstone formation at the top, a shaly sandstone at the bottom, and an intervening shale between the two sandstones. Calibration usually solves this problem.

Advanced methods can even be utilized for structure determinations of biopolymers, for example proteins or nucleic acids. If the tool moves during measurement, vertical resolution will decrease at a rate proportional to logging speed. Nuclear magnetic resonance thus occurs. Other environmental conditions such as temperature and pressure affect the bulk relaxation of a fluid.

The tipping-angle relationship of Eq. When an oscillating electric current flows through the antenna surrounding the magnet, an electromechanical effect, called ringing, occurs in the tool. The middle and bottom sections of Fig.

Nmr principles and applications pdf

Because the strength of such a field is position-dependent, the Larmor frequency of a nucleus will be a function of the position of the nucleus. Reliable measurements are made provided the protons are exposed to the same static magnetic field throughout the entire measurement cycle. Because of this restriction, the diffusion coefficient for a fluid in a rock differs from the diffusion coefficient of the bulk fluid at the same pressure and temperature. At this time, the results have not been confirmed by work at other laboratories, and no theoretical explanation for this observation has been published.

Nmr principles and applications pdf

Typically, the thickness of material that is used in imaging each cross section is many times greater than the size of features that can be imaged on any individual cross section. Conceptually, the pore fluids can be more finely divided into clay-bound water, capillary-bound water, movable water, gas, light oil, medium-viscosity oil, and heavy oil. This situation is illustrated in Fig.

To generate a spin-echo train such as the one of Fig. Resistivity tools, such as induction and laterolog, respond to conductive fluids such as claybound water, capillary-bound water, and movable water.

Crude oils vary in their ability to alter the wettability of a pore surface. Adding the two measured echoes and dividing the result by two i. Added to Your Shopping Cart. If the pores are partially saturated, i.

NMR Logging Principles and Applications

Nmr principles and applications pdf

Even so, it is possible that no single pressure will satisfactorily represent the irreducible condition of all the rock types encountered. The basis of the technique is represented in Fig.

The nucleus of the hydrogen atom is a proton, which is a small, positively charged particle with an associated angular momentum or spin. Campbell prepared many of the plots and figures. This division of porosity is useful in analysis and often corresponds to other measures of effective porosity and clay-bound water.

This non-linear shifting thus causes the spectra to become more sharply peaked as diffusion increases. These models give similar weighting functions for the various simple pore shapes. If a formation exhibits mixed wettability, then the situation is much more complex, and differentiating between oil and water is very difficult.

In the second case, it depends on the height above free water along with the capillary-pressure curve of the rock. Through careful core calibration, the Coates model has been customized for successful use in different formations and reservoirs. The red line represents the average value of the cutoff. This book has been prepared as a means of sharing these very exciting developments and to support those of you who are interested in formation evaluation technology.

This water volume is primarily a property of the rock and the wetting conditions. Other size measures have also been used. This volume is accurately determined only by a relative permeability measurement, but can be reasonably estimated from a capillary-pressure saturation curve. Thus, this amplitude can be calibrated to give a porosity value. Later results may differ from the wellsite results because of subsequent refinements in measurement parameters and computational assumptions.

After the protons are aligned in the static magnetic field, they are said to be polarized. The observed echo train can be linked both to data acquisition parameters and to properties of the pore fluids located in the measurement volumes. More viscous oils are often composed of a wider variety of hydrocarbons. Thus, a shorter antenna gives better vertical resolution. Centralizers and standoffs both help centralize the tool in the borehole.

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Nmr principles and applications pdf