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Page Note The data shown are dependent upon the application used to measure the samples nucleic acids in these examples. When finished, tap End Experiment. Page Protein assay kits and protocols Please refer to the NanoDrop website for up-to-date kits and protocols for the NanoDrop One instruments.

Windows Vista has also been tested successfully with the software. See Sample Type for more information. This eliminates the need for cumbersome cuvettes and other sample containment devices and allows for clean up in seconds.


Custom methods can be made with or without standards. Maximum power consumption and heat dissipation specifications for the spectrometer and accessories are shown below. Allows saved report formats to be loaded either before or after data is imported.

Utility installations must comply with all local building and safety codes. Tap a Sample Intelligence icon in the software to view its associated information. Ensure all solution is collected in the bottom portion of the ampoule. We periodically update our software and add new features free of charge.

Warranty Section Maintenance and Warranty stop altogether. If the issue persists, contact us. If it does, we recommend using the Microarray application to quantify nucleic acid concentration. Additionally, use the respective standard e. This will assure the user that the instrument is working properly and that the pedestal is clean.

These operations are available from the Viewer Home screen. Protein Bradford The Bradford Assay is a commonly used method for determining protein concentration.

Swipe left again to see additional measurement details, along with the overall test result. Serial dilutions of the sample are usually needed to bring the absorbance readings within this range. Page Note If your Bluetooth device does not pair, restart the device and then repeat the steps above to pair it with the instrument you may also try turning Bluetooth off and back on.

Cleaning The Touchscreen Gently wipe the touchscreen with a soft, lint-free cloth such as microfiber. Dividing the measured absorbance of a sample solution by its molar extinction coefficient yields the molar concentration of the sample. Calculations are based on Beer-Lambert equation using corrected A absorbance value. For laboratories requiring that every user have a unique user-account, the administrator may disable the default user account. When you are finished measuring samples, tap End Experiment.

If the sample has a modification that absorbs light at nm, select a different correction wavelength or turn off Baseline Correction. Auto fills in the date and time when a report is generated. When the overlay function is active, the software module will auto scale the y-axis based on the sample with the highest absorbance at nm. Protein Lowry The Modified Lowry Protein Assay is an alternative method for determining protein concentration based on the widely used and cited Lowry procedure for protein quantitation. Page The initial screen that appears after each measurement and the standards screen see previous image show a summary of the reported values.

NanoDrop Spectrophotometer. Fluorescent Dye Selection There are currently nine fluorescent dyes that are hard-coded for use with the Proteins and Labels module see table below. Note The Custom Factor measurement screen is identical to the measurement screen for the other nucleic acid applications except the Custom Factor is reported in the lower left corner see image below. Making a screen capture is quite easy.

Sloping Dye Correction affects calculations for dye concentration only. In the Select Method box, tap to select the method to run. Follow the on-screen instructions to measure a sample. Will print out only the Report page by default.

To reset both axes, tq2-5v pdf double-click the spectral pane. Page Maintaining Your Instrument Maintaining the Pedestals Note Solutions containing detergent or isopropyl alcohol may uncondition the pedestals. The default setting is set to normalize the display spectrum at nm.

Fluoride ions will permanently damage the quartz fiber optic cables. Page System Status on the instrument Home screen to open the system status box. Page Whether you collect one sample or many in a row, after you choose End Experiment, the acquired data are automatically saved in an experiment with an experiment name. Consider available instrument or computer disc space for lengthy experiments.


Find Absorbance Values on a Spectrum You can easily view the absorbance value that corresponds with any wavelength in a displayed spectrum. Page Tap Learn More for the next level of information which, for this example, includes a link to a multimedia training video.

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Warranty All NanoDrop spectrophotometers and accessories manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific are warranted against manufacturing defects in parts and labor for a period of one year. The NanoDrop One software comes with comprehensive embedded training and support.

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Page Use approved containers and proper procedures to dispose of waste. Information about the selected method appears in the Method Details box.

With the sampling arm open, pipette the sample onto the lower measurement pedestal. Page The new spectrum replaces the previous one on the spectral display and the new reported values appear under the previous ones in the table.

Pipette. Measure. Know