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What is the name of that command? Which class would you use to write applications to access low-level input events or to issue graphics calls for drawing to the display? Is meant to serve as a foundation for other profiles. Action servlet, request processor and action classes are the components of.

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Can we declare class as protected? Does a class inherit the constructor of its super class?

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Storing the state of an object in a file or other medium is called serialization. Reduce the coupling of modules and increase the cohesion inside them.

Java / J2EE Interview Questions and Answers

Difference between Class getInstance and new operator? Describe what happens when an object is created in Java? Your email address will not be published. Though It's often confused with each other, Object Creation Instantiation and Initialization Construction are different things in Java. Runnable - waiting for its turn to be picked for execution by the thread schedular based on thread priorities.

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Java bytecode is the instruction set of the Java virtual machine. String is immutable in java and stored in String pool. SafeVarargs annotation, when applied to a method or constructor, asserts that the code does not perform potentially unsafe operations on its varargsparameter.

Variable of the boolean type is automatically initialized as? What things should be kept in mind while creating your own exceptions in Java? The memory pool containing all the reflective data of the java virtual machine itself, voltage drop formula pdf such as class and method objects.

Multiple servlets serving the request in chain. What is the key difference between using a and HttpServletResponse. Data Hiding is a broader concept. Can we reduce the visibility of the overridden method? New operator in Java creates objects.

XmlBeanFactory is one of the implementation of bean Factory org. According to Java Operator precedence, which operator is considered to be with highest precedence?

Explain about anonymous inner classes? By putting code within either static method or static block. For the moment, you do not need to understand interfaces.

Declare a static count variable in and increment in constructor. Pointers are vulnerable and slight carelessness in their use may result in memory problems and hence Java intrinsically manage their use. We can not override any private method because private methods can not be inherited and if method can not be inherited then method can not be overridden. Correct answer percentage.

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Your answers are highlighted below. Can anyone tell me How To describe the Project flow in interview?

Does every class needs to have one non parameterized constructor? Can static method access instance variables? An enumeration is an interface containing methods for accessing the underlying data structure from which the enumeration is obtained. What is Volatile keyword used for? One more thing that quite differentiates between Cookie and Session.

What is an Immutable Object? Which Java collection class can be used to maintain the entries in the order in which they were last accessed? The Servlet Interface must be implemented by all servlets. This is not true by default. Users or Groups are binded during application deployment by administrator.

Casting between numeric types is used to convert larger values, such as double values, to smaller values, such as byte values. Does java allow overriding static methods?

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For example - we may like to pull some info from a table and then do some operations on that data and then store the output in final output table. The config object is an instantiation of javax. Static methods belong to a class and not objects whereas non static members are tied to an instance.

Break statement results in the termination of the statement to which it applies switch, for, do, or while. Passing the exception object to the calling method.

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What is the advantage of using arrays over variables? Which of the following network connections is supported by the Foundation profile? If I would like to deal s and lakhs of users, is it good to depends on Session pooling? Difference between Abstraction and Implementation hiding?