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We take pride in providing our contractors with the best trained and most drug free electricians in the industry to ensure the job is done safely. Contact us to inquire about becoming a member if you are in one of these important areas of the electrical trade. While our safety committee meets to discuss different policies to ensure that your health and safety are taken seriously.

Respect management directives that are safe, reasonable and legitimate. Job safety, health and sanitation needs or requirements. Opportunity Whether you are just starting up or a stable contractor looking to expand your business. Our apprentices go through at least hrs of classroom training and hrs of on the job training before they become a Journeyman Wireman.

Yet, more importantly, inecuaciones resueltas pdf members in these roles need to know how effectively managing their jobs will be a corresponding obligation to the Code of Excellence program. What is the Code of Excellence?

IBEW Code of Excellence

The growth of your business should not be limited by your access to a qualified crew of electricians. Only sell merchandise or collect funds as authorized by the Business Manager of the Local Union. If you have experience in the electrical trade and a good attitude and work ethic, come join our team.

College accredited apprenticeship, and on-the-job training are available. Grand Floral Parade Practice Schedule. Whether you are just starting up or a stable contractor looking to expand your business. Kern County Apprenticeship Program. This is what is deserved as the highest skilled, safest, and most productive in your profession.

Partnering will also allow labor and management to share new experiences with proper recognition and appreciation to all who participate. Create new account Request new password. Through classroom training and continuing worksite education, each worker has a clearly defined role and conduct expectation on each job site.

Work in a safe and healthy manner. Whether you are a first-year Apprentice or a Journeyman Wireman, you have access to multiple courses to continue with your knowledge of the electrical industry. This allows workers to be more productive, reduce loss of time injuries and keep cost low for the contractors. You have the opportunity to work for one contractor or multiple contractors through your career.

Code of Excellence

Click here to visit their website. Another important benefit of the program is that it has led to increased efficiency on the job, which in turn enables union contractors to place more competitive bids.

The positive attitude generated in the workforce by this program has resulted in a very favorable response from customers. All Local electricians and technicians will go through this training.

There is no more waiting for a temp agency, searching through the newspaper, or going door to door. Our contracts are negotiated by our skilled office staff and leadership. Instead of researching and maintaining health care or retirement, your field employees would be part of our benefits program. From Refugee Camp to Labor Leader. Don't get stuck in a dead-end job.

Our unique approach, a partnership jointly administered by both labor and management, allows our electricians to be more productive. Our contractors employ the most qualified electricians in the state.

Reject Brett Kavanaugh Today. When a job ends or you feel the need for a change, the hall will do its best to refer you out as quickly as we can. The goal of our safety training is to ensure you go home to your family every night.

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Arrive to work on time, ready and willing to work. Employ adequate number of employees to perform efficiently or, conversely, limit number of employees to the work at hand. This can be more efficient for your staff since all benefit payments go to one location. To find an electrical contractor for your next project, click the link to the left.

IBEW Code of Excellence

Your information will be kept confidential and there are no obligations. Being competitive is about more than just wages and compensation. Management responsibilities to the collective bargaining agreement. Referral While our jobs are not guaranteed work, you have access to our referral system. Welcome to Local Harness the Power!