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Geometry Transformation Foldable Translate Reflect DilateIntegrating Technology and Mathematics

Any chance you could send it my way? Sarah, bose awrcc1 manual pdf thank you so very much for your blog. Would you please list your unit topics.

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It is excellent in every possible way! In the beginning, I give my directions very slowly and I check to make sure everyone understands what to do before I progress to the next step. If you ever need help with anything, just let me know! My students in Cleveland are having fun while learning and staying organized! This is one of those forms that I made and never actually implemented with my students.

We can not get the attachment for the graphing linear inequalities to appear. Hi Ms Sarah, I am truly inspired by your works of art.

Thank you for such a nice article. You are a blessing to so many.

Geometry Transformation Foldable Translate Reflect Dilate

Any advise to getting started. Please keep in touch with me for more great ideas and advise. One of my favorite projects is creating paper bag books. Thank you for sharing such an excellent diy project.

It has put the responsibility of learning on the students. But drawing graphic organizers are not easy with hand. You have made some good points there. My son isso inspired to do Math after watching the series.

One teacher thought I was nuts because I used so many colors! It makes me feel like someone shares my opinions and its great to know that someone else changes things sometimes immediately before a lesson. Home About Me Freebies Shop. But I am still going to use the notebooks.

So I decided to use the interactive notebook idea. So, our notebook is almost entirely notes and example problems. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with! Glad to see that another adult sees the value that students see in it!

I Speak Math

This is my first time visit here and i am happy to read everything at alone place. Smart editing, high grades proofreading and result oriented papers are delivered. Every word og this blog helps me to give detail to me. Wish I would've found this site last year. Is there another link we need?

This puts the responsibility on the student, as it should be. And, our homework is usually in the form of a worksheet. Thank you for your numerous resources!

Love how it folds flat in the journal. Would you mind emailing it to me at tbscott gaston. If you have problems with this, please send me an e-mail. Blair One Lesson at a Time.

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Never used foldables or notebooks before. Love your ideas and foldables for math. We do our bellwork on dry erase boards.

We were set to fully transition in August, and the state pulled out in June. That's why there isn't a picture.

Creately is an online diagramming and collaboration software which supports all graphic organizer charts. Thinking of using them next year. They loved it and they were able to show me the face and edges of other shapes. Started teaching in in Moore, Ok.

Hi, I just wanted to say that I found your blog and have been loving your examples! Hunter's Tales from Teaching. You have great ideas for interactive notebooks. Wow, these are awesome, a wonderful resource for teachers, learners, and educators. Hope you will continue with new article.

Thank you for this resource! Wish you were my daughter's teacher. How do you avoid issues of pages inadvertently sticking together? My goal for next year is to do more notebooking.

You can always send me an e-mail at mathequalslove at gmail dot com, and I will gladly attach the files and send them to you! First and foremost, as a new teacher myself your blog has gotten me through the first few years of teaching. Your ideas are a great springboard for me. Hi Sarah, I was wondering if I can use some of your work in a presentation I am doing this month. So, the edge of a pyramid is not the height - - the perpendicular line from the apex of the pyramid to the base.