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Consider reading an article or a few pages every day, and practice identifying the articles of clothing, accessories or makeup titles you learned while reading as you go through your day. Jeune Afrique French magazine of African news and issues.

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In general, magazines are written for the general public, meaning the language will be easier to understand. Le Devoir Newspaper from Montreal online. Radio-Canada Canadian Broacasting Company site with news and articles.

Maroc Hebdo French web magazine from Morocco. French Canadian online magazine with editions from six different locations.

Le Carnet Interdit Poets and writers online. Le Monde Diplomatique French political journal with a focus on diplomacy. Cafe Babel Youth magazine on issues concerning the European Union. Marie-Claire French women's magazine of beauty, fashion, health, and culture.

Experience French immersion online! Le Jeudi French monthly news magazine from Luxembourg. Esprit French cultural and political journal. Le Droit News magazine from Ottawa. Revue Chimeres Post-modern literary review set up by Bataille and others.

FluentU brings authentic French videos within reach of any learner. Picking up a news magazine is a great change from a newspaper because it typically contains more photo essays, giving you an opportunity to read articles with more visual aids. Le Soir Belgian French news magazine. Le Soleil Quebec newspaper online. Marianne French news magazine.

Agence France-Presse Aggregation of a number of news sources in French, also in other languages. French magazine from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, with an extensive archive of back issues. FluentU brings French to life with real-world videos.

Aim to complete a literary magazine once a month, and read a few stories or poems per week. Vues en Coupe Poetry and creative writing online. Features are longer and more in-depth, giving extra detail that may not be found in newspapers. La Recherche Leading science magazine from France.

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For well-rounded learning, be sure to mix in other authentic French materials alongside your magazine reading. Eurasie French magazine on matters Asian. Ab Irato French magazine of subversive literature and social criticism. Welcome to our online magazine pages, featuring online magazines, journals and other electronic print formats from countries all over the world! The French love their sports, focus on grammar jay maurer pdf and the variety of magazines available for sports enthusiasts certainly displays that.

Tahiti Pacifique A monthly magazine in French from Polynesia. Revue du Liban French weekly news magazine from Libya. One page will contain a photo essay, another a crossword puzzle, and yet another a long feature.

Volcans French review on Central America and the Caribbeans. Sante Magazine French magazine of cuisine, nutrition, beauty, culture. ZaZieWeb Portal site for matters pertaining to writing, publishing, etc. Learning French becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks.

What kind of magazines are offered in French? This will train your brain to process the language in different ways, which is essential to becoming fluent. If you like learning French with colorful and authentic materials like magazines, try bringing the language to life with FluentU! Le Point French weekly news magazine. Femina French Swiss magazine of women's fashions, beauty, health, and style.

The videos are organized by level and include everything from movie clips, to music videos, to inspiring speeches. Les Inrocks French magazine of rock and pop music. France-Amerique Weekly magazine in French from the U. Le Figaro The famous French newspaper, online.

These words often repeat throughout the magazine, too, reinforcing new knowledge and anchoring your reading with familiar terms and phrases. Photo Photo magazine from France. For example, skiing magazines suggest the best locations to spend a weekend hitting the slopes. It will catch you up on international news, keep you knowledgeable about French culture and teach you new vocabulary. Here are some of the best kinds of magazines to help you learn new vocabulary and keep your French skills sharp.

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