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Record voice as you create the tutorial for explaining better. For the purposes of this tutorial, visio import pdf click the drawing mode button to select the Object drawing mode at the very bottom of the Tools panel. Select the Essentials option to see the workspace layout used for this tutorial. Colorful and diversified templates and themes.

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Click the Properties tab in the upper right side of the user interface to view the Property inspector, which displays the Stage properties for the file when no other objects are selected. The Property inspector displays the Stage size and the background color. Choose a fill color that contrasts well with the Stage color. However if you want to redistribute Wink, you need to get permission from the author. Notice that the second line begins by declaring a function named onClick.

Enter the name of the symbol in the Name field. When you are finished previewing the animation, close the Test Movie window. This is known as adding a frame script.

Merge drawing mode and Object drawing mode. Just throw your creativity into the powerful tool. There's no need to draw a rectangle to define the background color. Take a few moments to read through the code.

Create a shape tween between two keyframes that contain editable graphics. Then you can access the Property inspector to check that the panel refers to the selected symbol and indicates that an instance is selected. In this example, it is the circle's location on the Stage known as its X and Y or horizontal and vertical properties that are changing as the playhead moves across the Timeline. No any programming skill is needed when you use this powerful software. Free upgrade forever All products are free to upgrade, once you purchased the software, you can use it forever.

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You can change the color of the Stage by clicking the swatch and selecting a different color in the color picker that appears. Intuitive drag-n-drop editing of the frame, callout, cursor, navigation buttons and the title elements.

In an earlier section, you stopped the animation from looping by adding a stop action to the last frame of the Timeline. If the Property inspector refers to a frame, it means you've accidentally clicked the Timeline. For example, you can add code that causes a button to display a new image when it is clicked. We believe our software is an exceptional value, and we work very hard to make sure that is true.

There are different versions of ActionScript. This introductory article provides all the steps you need to get started. Distributed as freeware for business or personal use. Just request a refund by emailing us at the contact page. Therefore we should embed the planet motion animation with the star motion animation, e.

You can use this program to customize your own type flipbooks with realistic page-turning effect. All products are free to upgrade, once you purchased the software, you can use it forever. In the following example they sit on the shape and do nothing at all. The movie loops automatically, so you can watch the circle move across the window repeatedly.

With this powerful function, you can share your flip book online with your friends and the public easily. If the fill color swatch is set to a color and the stroke is set to No Color, the settings are correct. Right-click the circle instance on the Stage and choose the option to Create Motion Tween in the menu that appears. Next, you use the Timeline and the Stage to position the elements and define how and when they appear.

We keep the right to raise price for later versions, but you do not need pay one cent for upgrading. You can also use ActionScript to add logic to your applications. Click the Selection tool in the Tools panel and then click a section of the motion guide line.

So spread the word about Wink to your friends. It is really good for you to use this powerful function. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Build digital library and sell flipbook online. In this example, an oval with a blue fill color is displayed on top of a red Stage color.

Level It aims at beginners. Naming instances can be confusing until you are familiar with the options presented for selected symbol instances and selected keyframes. If you are not sure if the Show Outlines option is enabled, click the icon repeatedly to toggle the visual state between normal view and outline view. ActionScript code allows you to add interactivity to the elements in your document. More advanced features and tricks are not explained here.

Edit a Movie Symbol the planet. Although this sample project includes some ActionScript code, previous knowledge of programming is not necessary. Everything is quite easier for you! When you want to add a command that controls the Timeline, you'll add ActionScript code to a keyframe indicated by a dot symbol on the Timeline.

Keyframes are used to place ActionScript and assets on specific frames in the Timeline. To do shape hinting right, each morphed shape should be in a different layer if I understand right and they should be attached to borders. Just download the latest version at the web page, your license code will be available forever! This step assumes that you're using the default mode of the Actions panel. The publish operation generates a compressed version of your file with the extension.