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This protection prevents control settings from being changed. The corresponding temperature is displayed. If you wish to change other events or days, repeat the actions described above. Dispose of batteries according to legislation.

Mechanical HVAC Thermostat Eberle INSTAT 2 Changeover 2 A 8 A

To terminate this function earlier, select another operation mode. The last temperature selected here is chosen as the initial temperature. Temperature displayed is actual room temperature.

User and installation guide. Floor heating, for example in the bathroom.

How to set a constant room temperature manual operation. Permanent changing temperature by programming. If you have certain days that don't fit the regular setting of the. Here you can set the time and day of the week.


This programme allows you to repeat the same programme every week. The arrows indicate the daily programme j, the current day time range. The standard programms are factory pre-set.

Save to parts list Save mxnual parts list. The actual temperature is displayed again.

Eberle Instat 8 User And Installation Manual

If you press it again the control will switch back to the. If the arrow blinks on the last icon by s, the setting of the following. The Manufacturers reserve the right to change this Information at any time without notice.

The arrow blinks in the temperature group v u t. Setting switching times for the weekly programme. The temperature of the actual event is displayed for a few seconds. The pre-set number of days is displayed, e. All data are maintained, except for clock time and day of the week.

Use a soft, damp cloth and a mild detergent. How to change the temperature for a short period of time. The weekly programme is repeated week by week. Then the weekly program will be activated. The thermostat continues to function normally.

Got it, continue to print. Press this key untill the required function is selected. The selected temperature is enabled immediately for the number of days. The daily programme is repeated on a day by day basis.

You can select whether or not you want the time change to be carried out automatical-. Sending feedback, please wait Thank you for your feedback.

The set temperature is permanently maintained. These functions allowe manipulating the temperature without changing the.

The switching time and temperature for this event are displayed. Select the required day of the week, or the extra daily programme j. Save inwtat item to a new parts list. They shall simplify programming.


Settings of temperatures and switching times are independent. The arrow blinks in the group temperature. Then you can change the different days.


The temperature display can be adjusted to individual needs, e. The switching time digits blink.

If you leave the house it is possible to decrease the temperature by simply. This temperature is used until the next program step. However, should the need arise, unix shortcut keys pdf the.

The switching times and temperatures should be. In this mode, the room temperature is automatically controlled according to the pre-.

The temperature Events When the batteries start to run low, the battery icon see I starts to blink. When you return home and the set-back temperature.

You would like to keep the temperature at a certain value till. Use these keys to change the blinking feature arrow or. The pre set temperature appears for few seconds. It is enabled only in operating modes k and j.

Mechanical HVAC Thermostat Eberle INSTAT 2 Changeover 2 A 8 A

Eberle INSTAT 868-R User Manual