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It is tremendous value-for-money, but ultimately I found it irritating to use compared to truly professional units. Perfect for live, trs so enjoyable to be able to grate same effect and change whenever you want. Experimenting with the settings can vwlve your own unique and unusual effect patches! Top cover is slightly dented from rack mounting.

As long as I've had this pedal I haven't wanted to change any of the user effects so I don't know how user friendly that proess is for this particular pedal. If you have any problems with this unit we are here to help at anytime. The user and the factory effects start out the same but the user effects can be tweaked and pretty much completely changed into a different effect, whereas the factory presets can not be changed. The apparatus is rather complex. Please note maximum delay times vary depending on the mod- ule Type being used.

Cel says the studio is perfect. You also have the option of leveling the inputs manually if you want.

The warranty registration card must be mailed within ten days after purchase date to validate this warranty. When Modules are turned off, their Parameters disappear from the Parameter menu. Audio specification is superb, the effects are generally excellent, and there are enough choices to keep you fiddling for hours. Be sure you want to erase the memory, and start fresh before continuing with this procedure. As far as durablity goes this pedal is not anything to brag about.


Both notes are constant in pitch, but subtle additions in richness and overtones can be heard. These settings determine the rate and intensity of the modulation effect.

DIGITECH STUDIO 400 Owner s Manual

No, create an account now. Also suited to-many instruments and invironment.

Making Connections such as mixing console inputs. The wheel of value is convenient but noisy. See site for more info digitech digitech.

These have a parameter called smear which diffuses the delay repeats. It does come with an ac cord. The display shows the information you need, but to make things even easier for you, illumination in the front panel buttons offers additional operating information.

All around it has been a great pedal though and I would defnitely recommend it to anyone who needs a voice effects pedal. Time to unload this unit to. My favorite effect to use on this pedal is the pitch change. Both mono and stereo modules are available. Be sure to view my other auctions for more great gear.

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If you can put up with this feature-packed machine's foibles and deficiencies, then it can be rewarding. This is a pretty neat pedal. The chorus and other modulation effects are good too trs. Low Q settings affect a wider number of frequencies when the selected band is boosted or cut. DigiTech balve this product, when used solely within the U.

Digitech VX-400 Users Guide Manual Vx400 Vocal Effects Processor

When you use the in-line method, the master wet-to-dry effects mix is controlled from the Studio operating system. Buy Aphex and other recording equipment in the music studio shop.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. Program Dump This option allows you to dump all resident Programs in memory to an external recording device, like a patch librarian, computer, or sequencer for backup, storage, or organization.

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This is my used Digitech gsp sold the rocktron poweri used with it recently. DigiTech warrants this product, sales and marketing training modules pdf when used solely within the U. Vintage Digitech dsp digital multi effects processor good working and playing condition.

If you wish to change the reference note, you can access this function in the Utility menu. You can of course make it more aggressive, but live has a feedback from all over the place. Overall, the sound is warm, well-trs. These policies will be strictly enforced.

If you need to maintain the stereo image, use a stereo equalizer module. When this message is displayed, the stored Program is temporarily loaded and active. The expression pedal is used differently for different effects, such as add more or less volume, change pitch and add more or less of an effect. Every Program in the Studio has a set of Modifiers.

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Comparing Programs Compare function. When the expression pedal is active hissing sound and also very bad. Did you find this review helpful?

Dsp owner's manualplease see the photos for more details. The manual is helpful but not very well thought-out, with everything seemingly explained in the wrong order. For if c ds lexicon for the semi pro c nikel frankly with essay plugin lexicon I can tell you that I quickly returned to my koi vocal as it sounds better in the hardware reverbs. Reverbs are excellent, smooth and expensive-sounding. Full featured recording vocal processor.