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Professional development beyond initial preparation is critical for developing proficiency in teaching mathematics. Also, you can type in a page number and press Enter to go directly to that page in the book. The programs do not deal with general theories of learning. First, however, we need to clarify our stance on the relation between knowledge and practice.

Finally, she notes that with a different function, the differences might not be constant. We consider below examples of four such program types that represent an array of alternative approaches to developing integrated proficiency in teaching mathematics. In this chapter we discuss the problems entailed in developing a proficient command of teaching.

In short, teachers need to muster and deploy a wide range of resources to support the acquisition of mathematical proficiency. The power of computational algorithms is that they allow learners to calculate without having to think deeply about the steps in the calculation or why the calculations work. She also says that it is important to understand that x refers to whole numbers only. How does each problem we heard connect with the original computation? The teachers work together to consider how their students might respond to different number sentences and which number sentences might produce the most fruitful discussion.

In the last two sections, we discuss four programs for developing proficient teaching and then consider how teachers might develop communities of practice. Click on the category name tabs to view the available download links or use the right side bar site navigation menu. The teacher also needs to be sensitive to the unique ways of learning, thinking about, and doing mathematics that the student has developed.

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In helping students learn, teachers must take abstract ideas and unpack them in ways that make the basic underlying concepts visible. Sometimes the goal is adapted from national-level recommendations e. She asks them to interpret what each student did and to compare the two solutions.

The mathematical education they received, both as K students and in teacher preparation, has not provided them with appropriate or sufficient opportunities to learn mathematics. Assessment of a problem-centered second-grade mathematics project. Discussing case studies of four fifth-grade teachers. Developing conceptions of algebraic reasoning in the primary grades. At the workshop, the teachers share their findings with the other participants.

Implicit in the recommendations for mathematics specialists is the notion of the mathematics specialist in a departmental arrangement. The sentences could also provide opportunities for discussions about how to resolve disagreement and develop a mathematical argument. As a result of that education, teachers may know the facts and procedures that they teach but often have a relatively weak understanding of the conceptual basis for that knowledge.

New practices for the new millennium. It is misleading to claim that teachers actually solve such problems in the sense of solving a mathematical problem. Although teachers need a range of routines, teaching is very much a problem-solving activity. Masters for making your own set of color Segment Strips for modeling fractions and decimals.

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In the sections that follow, we consider how to develop an integrated corpus of knowledge of the types discussed in this section. The mathematical understandings that prospective teachers bring to teacher education.

Includes blackline masters that can be used to support professional development and communication with educators, students, and families. Using that body of evidence, researchers have also. Focus on Student Thinking.

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Some routines concern classroom management, such as how to get the class started each day and procedures for correcting and collecting homework. At least some of the teachers continued the process of learning mathematics by examining the mathematical work of their own students in their own classrooms. Suggestions and ideas for organizing and implementing Student Mathematics Journals, un borghese piccolo piccolo libro pdf based on classroom experiences and reports from teachers. Such measures do not provide an accurate index of the specific mathematics that teachers know or of how they hold that knowledge. They dig into the mathematics through close work on and analysis of the task that the teacher posed.

It is not sufficient that teachers possess the kinds of core knowledge delineated in the previous section. Learning in ways that continue to be generative over time is best done in a community of fellow practitioners and learners, as illustrated by the Japanese lesson study groups.

One student presents the pizza situation above. Findings from a survey of the empirical literature. How many batches of crackers can I make? Furthermore, the teachers in these programs are challenged to relate what they learn to their own students and their own instructional practices.

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In each of the three Visual Mathematics courses, students explore topics including geometry, measurement, algebra, probability, statistics, numeration, number theory, operations, and estimation. Conceptual understanding of the knowledge required to teach for proficiency can help equip teachers to deal intelligently with these problems.

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Once theorems have been proved, they can be used to prove other theorems. Each batch of sesame crackers takes cup of sugar.

Sometimes the decision requires calculation e. Working directly on improving teaching is their means of becoming better teachers. Teachers may know mathematics, and they may know their students and how they learn. And they revisit the mathematical ideas by looking carefully at how the teacher deals with the mathematics during the lesson.

Used by permission from Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Programs of teacher education and professional development that portray to the participants that they are in control of their own learning help teachers develop a productive dispo-. Teachers frequently regard mathematics as a fixed body of facts and procedures that are learned by memorization, and that view carries over into their instruction.

In the next two sections, we first discuss the knowledge base needed for teaching mathematics and then offer a framework for looking at proficient teaching of mathematics. Sara decides that the company must be using a simple rule to determine how much to charge for shipping. Software required to use the material.

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