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If it meets an obstacle, it re-opens. Cutting edge technology for your benefit. The level of equipment on your vehicle depends on the model, the options chosen and the country where the vehicle is marketed. For this, switch off the ignition and then within one minute move the wiper control stalk. Lift up the boot floor using the strap saloon or the retractable hook Tourer.

To open the fuel flap, press on the top left part of it, then pull from the B. Power steering and suspension fluid reservoir. Make such wheels have tyre pressure sure that the contact surface sensors.

Continue to extend the jack until Park the vehicle on stable, the wheel is a few centimetres firm ground that is not slippery. These books contain exercises and tutorials to improve your practical skills, at all levels! Operation in auto-active mode, with automatic adaptation to your style of driving as well as to the road profile Position D.

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Access to the telematics multi- see NaviDrive instructions. This also applies when connecting a battery charger. Wipers W I P e R s Changing the wiper blades if changing the wiper blades, they must be stopped in the mainte- nance position. Replace the bulb holder D.

Diagnostic socket in the armrest strengthener. Drive position The steering is unlocked by turn- ing the key in position m, if neces- sary move the steering wheel.

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Exterior e X T e R I O R The xenon dual-function directional glass panoramic roof Tourer headlamps This provides you with improved brightness in the passenger compartment. This function automatically provides you with extra visibility on bends. Precautions It is necessary to take extra care when working on the electrical system to avoid damage to semi-conductor devices diodes and transistors and to avoid the risk of personal injury.

Trip mileage recorder reset button. Fuel flap While you are refuelling, the engine must be stopped and the To open, press at the top left-hand ignition switched off.

This repair manual will help you to perform all the main maintenance and repair work correctly and efficiently. They will cease to operate auto- matically, or manually if you press the hazard lamps button on the dashboard. Operation in sequential mode, early india romila thapar pdf with manual gear changing Posi- tion m. The wipers stand up verti- cally.

To lower it, press on the control a to unlock it, and simultaneously on the head restraint itself. Please read this handbook carefully before taking to the road. Components such as the alternator or any other having semi-conductor circuitry could be irreparably damaged.

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Press button a to select the gear. Be sure to respect the publishers and the authors office file copyright. All books are the property of their respective owners.

Toggle navigation pdf Book free download. Place the lamp in its housing. It contains essential information about driving your vehicle and operating its equipment, as well as other important advice to be rigorously followed.

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It is also automatically regulated depending on the external climatic conditions. For safety, the wiper system is deactivated when the ignition is switched off. Power steering fluid or power steer- ing and suspension fluid reservoir. Please respect the publisher and the author for their creations if their books are copyrighted. The driving mode and the position Operation auto-active of the gear lever are displayed in mode, with automatic adap- dial C of the instrument panel.

It allows tions to familiarise yourself with the telephone you to connect a mobile tele- features of twinning. When the vehi- cle is stationary, the speed of the wipers will reduce automatically. For safety reasons, in case of the need for sharp braking, you are advised to place heavy objects as far forward in the boot as possible. Automatic search of to the previous multifunction display higher frequencies.

The soft diffusion grille located in the centre of the dashboard provides an optimum air distribution for the front seats. Before programming the desired start-up time is displayed. Vehicle identification No. The speed of the wip- ers will adjust itself to the speed of your vehicle.

Fuel gauge and low fuel warning lamp. All search results are from google search results.

Adjusting the air flow The warning lamp comes on. The special tool should be used when and as recommended. Control positions Rotate control C to the desired position. Fold back boot carpet saloon.