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How can you really understand what pain is, I wondered, if you've never felt the Cuisinart inside? He even tries to figure out why we talk about depression, a physiological condition, as an individual spiritual failure.

With each recurrence, the time to recovery lengthened and the time to the next recurrence shortened. In a reasonably readable if not exactly exciting manner he looks at studies that support the assessment of clinical depression as an actual, treatable disease. Reading it is sort of like having a series of dinner table talks with a very intelligent friend. Patients with residual symptoms relapsed to an episode of major depression three times as fast as patients with no residual symptoms.

This task is not one that depressed patients do well. Without character change, a person is not yet master of his demons, and so a remnant of melancholy is only natural. The behavior of the depressive creates an environment rich in potential stressors. Further stressful life events lead both sorts of depressives along the same slope.

With a command of art, literature and his chosen profession of psychiatry, Kramer makes a compelling argument that depression has been romanticized throughout modern culture and shouldn't be. It's a disease that combines body and mind and this is why it's so hard to fight it. He couldn't think of a single woman to write about? This book spurred me to get out of my emotional rut as fast as I could.

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Against Depression

The opposite of depression is resilience. Even when depressives perceive accurately, they lack the motivation to heed their own judgment and alter their behavior. The book includes a wealth of information while being extremely readable and engaging at the same time. If you are depressed for two weeks, the odds are that you will continue to meet criteria for at least four months, and more likely nine months or a year.

Against Depression by Peter D. Kramer

My first reaction to that biographical detail was to question Kramer's authority on the subject. How do viruses know when to turn on?

Peter Kramer addresses the sort of twisted love affair that western culture has with depression. At least a third of the causation runs the other way, and the proportion rises for later episodes of depression.

Instead, Kramer, who is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Brown University, sees depression for what it is. Still, it promises a lot, taking on such a huge target, and it ultimately does fulfill its promise, just not in the most efficient way possible. Would Van Gogh been better off without his mania and depression. And he cuts that idea to shreds.

Against Depression is very thought-provoking, smart, and compassionate. This book convinced me that the opposite of depression is not happiness or complacency. But eradicating depression calls out the caveats. Kramer smashes together clinical vignettes, modern genetics research, and a historical survey of depression to make his argument.

Against depression kramer pdf

Against Depression Anatomy of Severe Melancholy

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It's just one of those books that's so obviously written by an older white guy. When you really absorb this, it does make the whole glorification of artistic melancholy kinda sad and scary. If you suffer from depression, this book helps you see yourself more clearly.

Also to know that the cells in the hippocampus of the brain have the ability to regenerate and that activity in this region can make you happier. It is sadness, hopelessness, chronic exhaustion allied with corrosive anxiety, a loss of any emotion but guilt, of any desire but to stop, please stop, and to stay stopped, forever. The researchers looked at subjects whose depression had remitted to the point that they had only one or two mild symptoms.

He offers up a lot of evidence to back up his beliefs, both from his own practice and from scientific studies that illustrate the physical effects and possible causes of depression. It covers the new neuroscience of depression as a very real, measurable disease of the brain.

Perhaps atheism should appear as a separate item on this list. Character change was the gold standard. For people who don't understand depression, its a great resource to gain knowledge about it. If not, then why pin merit badges on any expression of the disease? Ah, but self-mockery can be a small source of joy, even redemption, which is why, whenever I lapse into hand-wringing, I recall Ezra Pound's ode to misery, a parody of A.

Against depression kramer pdf

Kramer covers all of this ground in a sparkling prose style that raises Against Depression above other purely academic tracts on the topic. He makes a decent argument against the overuse of medication for depression and how many people often do not continue therapy with the medication, picture grammar for children-book level 1 pdf which should go hand in hand.